Californian massage near Lyon

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The Californian massage is the ultimate relaxation experience that allows you to deeply relax, release tension from your body, and rediscover your inner well-being. Through smooth and enveloping movements, you will feel soothed and rebalanced, ready to face the daily stress with serenity. Let yourself be carried away by a wave of gentleness and well-being, and treat yourself to a moment just for you with a Californian massage.

How : This massage is performed on a massage table.

For whom : (Men or Women) The Californian massage is recommended for anyone in need of relaxation and stress relief.

Duration : Approximately 1 hour of massage

Price : 60 euros

Californian massage near Lyon
Option(s) :

Massage tantrique - option Extension de bien-être (+30 minutes)

Well-being extension (+30 minutes). + 30 euros

Treat yourself to an additional half-hour of pure bliss, where relaxation deepens, and well-being extends. An extended getaway for an even more intense journey into the soothing world of Californian massage

Massage tantrique - option Rituel de gommage

Exfoliation ritual + 30 euros

Prepare your skin for an exceptional Californian massage experience with our Exfoliation Ritual. Enjoy a gentle exfoliation that will awaken your senses and prepare your body to receive the soothing benefits of the massage.

Massage tantrique - option Expérience naturiste

Naturist experience + 10 euros

Explore a unique connection with your body through the Naturist Experience. In total respect of the Californian massage, the masseur participates in this experience in complete nudity, creating harmony between therapeutic touch and bodily freedom.

Massage tantrique - option -25 ans / étudiant

-25 years old / student -15 euros

Individuals aged 25 and under, as well as students, can enjoy an exclusive discount of 15 euros on Californian massages. Seize the opportunity once a month to treat yourself to a wellness break at a preferential rate. Simply present your ID or student card during the appointment.

Massage proche de Lyon
Massage proche de Lyon
Massage proche de Lyon
Massage proche de Lyon

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