Alain, masseur à Bordeaux

A word about Alain, the masseur

After more than two years devoted to the art of well-being in Bordeaux, I have decided to settle in Lyon, bringing with me a renewed passion for massage.

My journey began with sessions among friends, where their enthusiasm encouraged me to deepen my skills through dedicated training. The adventure took an exceptional turn when, thanks to my expertise in Californian massage, I funded a memorable road trip in 2018. My quest for knowledge then led me to the teachings of tantrism, notably through Guillaume de Coeurs d’hommes during various workshops.

Since July 2021, as a self-employed entrepreneur, I have turned my passion into a true profession. My goal is to offer everyone a moment of relaxation and well-being through my massage skills. Each session becomes a privileged opportunity to share years of experience and expertise, creating a unique and soothing experience for my clients

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Massage proche de Bordeaux
Massage proche de Bordeaux
Massage proche de Bordeaux
Massage proche de Bordeaux

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