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Tantric massage is a unique experience that will allow you to discover new sensations of well-being and sensuality, while connecting with your body, your energy and your mind. Thanks to specific techniques and respectful and caring support, you will be able to explore your sensuality, release your tensions and find a deep inner balance. Treat yourself to a moment of self-discovery and letting go, and discover all the benefits of tantric massage on your body and mind.

How : This massage is practiced on a naked body, different positions will follow on a mattress on the floor. The entire body is massaged. Intimate areas are considered not as erogenous, but like all other parts of the body.

For whom : (Men only) Due to the very intimate and intense aspect of the massage, it is particularly aimed at people with a strong need to let go. This massage is not formal, it will adapt to your needs, while maintaining a respectful exchange between the two bodies.

Duration : Approximately 1 hour of massage

Price : 120 euros

Massage tantrique proche de Lyon
Option(s) :

Massage tantrique - option Extension de bien-être (+30 minutes)

Well-being extension (+30 minutes). + 60 euros

Treat yourself to an additional half-hour of pure happiness, where relaxation deepens, and well-being extends. An extended getaway for an even more intense journey into the soothing world of tantric massage

Massage tantrique - option Douche céleste : Rituel D'ouverture

Heavenly Shower: Opening Ritual + 60 euros

Immerse yourself in delicacy with the « Opening Ritual: Heavenly Shower, » a carefully crafted experience where I take charge of every step of the shower, from undressing to drying, to initiate your tantric journey in a state of total relaxation. It’s important to note that I accompany you during the shower, paying attention to every detail without sharing the shower space with you.
Attention to those sensitive to the cold! In winter, the bathroom may be a bit chilly despite the additional heating. If you are sensitive to the cold, please consider this before choosing this option ;)

Massage tantrique - option Rituel Divin du Tantra

Divine Tantra Ritual + 50 euros

Immerse yourself in the « Divine Tantra Ritual, » a transcendent sensory experience that blends touch, breath, and sensuality. This option enhances the classic tantric massage by incorporating breathwork, diverse touches, occasional blindfolding, feathers, body-to-body contact, and much more, creating a more intimate connection. It provides a unique perspective, perfect for those with varied tantric experience. Note that this option does not add extra time to the standard session; it simply elevates it.

Massage tantrique - option -25 ans / étudiant

-25 years old / student -40 euros

Individuals aged 25 and under, as well as students, can enjoy an exclusive discount of 40 euros on tantric massages. Seize the opportunity once a month to treat yourself to a wellness break at a preferential rate. Simply present your ID or student card during the appointment.

Massage proche de Lyon
Massage proche de Lyon
Massage proche de Lyon

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